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We are making some important changes to your Post Office Savings Account

Dear  ,


We recently wrote to you to let you know we have made some changes to your terms and conditions and what this will mean for your account. These changes will come into effect on or soon after the 1st March 2022. It’s really important you take the required action before this date. If you already have taken action, please ignore this letter.


You can access your new terms and conditions on our webpage. Here you will also be able to find any further help and information on these changes including FAQs and video guides.

Deposits from the Department for Work and Pension, or other Government sources


If you currently have any Department for Work and Pension or other Government payments coming into your savings account, it is important that you get these redirected to a suitable alternative account such as a current account.  From the 1st March, these payments may be automatically returned back to where they came from.


You can redirect any Department for Work and Pension payments directly through the Department for Work and Pension. You should contact the relevant government department in the way you normally do to update your bank details for your payment online or over the phone.

I don’t have a Current Account, what should I do?


Don’t worry, there are a number of free, impartial organisations to help you obtain information and get support on how to open a current account or basic bank account from such as MoneyHelper (previously known as Money Advice Service), Citizens Advice and Age UK.

Linked account details and contact information


You must also make sure your details, such as your linked account and contact information, are up to date before 1st March 2022. The easiest way to do this is by logging into your savings account online and checking or adding your details. You’ll need your User ID and 6 Digit Security Number (6DSN) to access your savings account online.


Alternatively, you can provide the details of your linked account (the name on the account, the bank you hold the account with, your six digit sort code and your eight digit bank account number) and email address in writing to our Freepost Address: Savings T&Cs, PO Box 2320, Belfast, BT1 9BL. Please make sure you include your full name, address, savings account number and signature in your letter. 

What happens if I can’t get any Third Party Payments redirected?


If for any reason you are unable to redirect these payments before the 1st March 2022, please contact us as soon as possible on 0800 032 9538* so that we can understand your circumstances and work with you to agree the best way forward. We may be able to provide a solution to give you more time to redirect your payments.

What happens if I don’t add a linked account by the 1st March 2022?


You will be unable to make electronic deposits or withdrawals to/from your savings account without a linked account.


Deposits from third parties, for example salary or Department for Work & Pensions such as pension or benefits payments, will no longer be allowed. You should get these payments re-directed to your current account.


If your savings account has an ATM Card today, you will still be able to make deposits and withdrawals using this card. Deposits and withdrawals via cheque will still be accepted.

Where can I get more help & support?


If you would like any further help and information on these changes you can visit our dedicated webpage. Here you can access our FAQs and find video guides that will help you with how to login and update any of your details.


If you’d prefer to speak to us for more guidance or support in updating your details please call us on 0800 032 9538* and we’ll be more than happy to help.


Thank you for saving with us.


Post Office Savings Team

*0800 calls are normally free of charge from landlines but charges may apply from mobile phones depending upon your service provider and call plan. You should check call charges with your service provider. Calls may be monitored or recorded for training and compliance purposes. Our Contact Centre opening hours may be subject to change.For details of our current opening hours please call 0800 169 7500 or visit our website at postoffice.co.uk/Savings-accounts.

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